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Practicing Architecture for more than 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to producing high quality residential and commercial Architecture.  Our residential work spans from small additions, to custom homes, to affordable housing projects, including working with the City of Los Angeles on a committee to review the affordable housing crisis in Los Angeles.  Our commercial work includes schools, restaurants, commercial shells, creative offices, and dance studios.

In all of our work we strive to maintain the highest attention to energy efficiency and renewable resources, including solar power, passive solar designs, double glazing, on site composting, edible landscaping, recycled materials, and on site vegetable gardens.

The style of work from our office is entirely contingent upon the needs of the client.  Working in Santa Monica there are many opportunities to work on historic styles, including Craftsman and Mediterranean, as well as working with a more contemporary palette.  We feel that the ultimate expression of a design is a mix of the Client’s and the Architect’s aesthetic.  It is our job to listen to the Client, get to the meaning of what they truly need and desire, and add our knowledge to create a truly custom structure and experience.

Fonda-Bonardi & Hohman

1450 23rd Street | Santa Monica, CA  90404 | 310.453.1134 | 310.828.5830 f | info@fbharchitects.com

1450 23rd Street | Santa Monica, CA  90404 | 310.453.1134 | 310.828.5830 f | info@fbharchitects.com